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UK Food Manufacturer

We were appointed by a UK food producing group to install a 435kW combined heat and power system at one of their facilities in Wales.

The CHP system, which will save the company £70,000 a month, provides all the power they need to manufacture a range of products. The investment will be paid back in just over 15 months and will also lower the company’s CO2 emissions.

The electricity generated will be used for lighting and to power the plant machinery; what would otherwise be waste heat will produce hot water and will also provide heating for the manufacturing facility.

The CHP system was fully operational within six months of the order being placed, which the directors were delighted with.

Commenting on the installation, a company spokesperson said: “We are delighted with the system that Levercor delivered. Not only are we saving £70,000 a month, we have been able to reduce our prices to our customers, which has helped boost demand for our products and win us new contracts.

“With regard to the quality of what we have had installed I can safely say it is the best engineered kit we have ever had.”