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Film Studio London

The owner of a London-based film studio was advised that it would take eight years to get power to the brownfield site where new facilities were to be built.

We were able to provide a solution that would meet his company’s current and future energy needs, but one that could be delivered in months, not years.

We supplied, installed and commissioned 10, in-line 260kW combined heat and power systems, which generate a combined power output of 2.6MW; the CHPs are connected to a 1.2MW battery storage unit, which provides near instant power as demand dictates.

The £4m installation – comprising combined heat and power generation and battery storage – will deliver annual cost savings of £2 million, which the owner was delighted with.

In just over six months, our engineers took the project from concept to commissioning. The new system provides a reliable source of electricity and what would otherwise be waste heat is used for hot water and central heating.

Commenting on the scheme, Joe Anwyl, Levercor’s CEO said: “This project is a perfect example of the products and services we provide. Without a CHP system the client would not have been able to develop his business on that site.

“Our bespoke designed combined heat and power systems offer our clients ultimately flexibility – systems can be expanded as needed; they offer significant annual cost savings and there are on-going reductions in CO2.

“There are dozens of development sites around the UK that are ideal for a range of applications, but in many cases there is no grid electricity or the local grid cannot cope. CHPs have the answer for sustainable, reliable and very cost effective energy,”