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West London Film Studios

The owner of West London Film Studios was advised that it would take eight years to get power to the brown field site where new facilities were to be built.

At Levercor Energy Systems we were able to provide a solution that would meet his company’s current and future energy needs, but delivered in months, not years.

We supplied, installed and commissioned 10, in-line 330kW combined heat and power systems (CHPs), which generate a combined power output of 3MW; the CHPs are connected to a 1.2MW battery storage unit, which provides near instant power as demand dictates.

The CHPs and storage batteries cost £5 million, which will deliver annual cost saving of £2 million that the owner was delighted with.

In just over six months, our engineers took the project from concept to commissioning. The new system provides a reliable source of electricity and what would be waste heat is used for hot water and central heating.

Commenting on the scheme, Joe Anwyl, Levercor’s managing director said: “This project is a perfect example of the products and services we provide. Without a CHP system the client would not have been able to develop his business on that site.

“Our bespoke designed combined heat and power systems offer our clients ultimately flexibility – systems can be expanded as needed; they offer significant annual cost savings and there are on-going reductions in CO2.

“There are dozens of development sites around the UK and overseas that are ideal for a range of applications, but in many cases there is no grid electricity or the local grid cannot cope. CHPs have the answer for sustainable, reliable and very cost effective energy,”